6 Scopes After Doing GATE in Computer Science?

The GATE - "Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering" ranks first among the country's most prominent and challenging exams. And qualifying for GATE is very challenging as every year; lakhs of students appear in this computer science GATE exam. However, after an applicant passes the GATE exam and receives a good GATE score, the selecting candidates have many future building choices and there is a wide scope after doing GATE in computer science, which is why students want to pursue the GATE exam.

And today we're going to tell you about these scopes after doing GATE in Computer Science. As well as all of the workarounds that will help you brighten your future with the help of GATE CS, as well as the relevance of the exam. But first, let us learn a bit about the GATE exam, like how and who it is administered to, as well as who can give it.

Basic Information about GATE exam -

IIT Roorkee, Bombay, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Kanpur, Delhi, and Madras, these seven IITs of our county conduct this GATE exam.
However, the National Coordinating Board-GATE, which is part of the Ministry of Human Resources Development's Department of Higher Education, performs this examination.

The GATE exam is an internet-based, mandatory examination that is conducted in India's eight areas. International candidates from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates have been permitted to take the GATE exam in previous seasons. The main aim of this exam is to obtain entry and financial assistance to postgraduate programs such as masters and doctoral programs.

The GATE CS exam is available to students who are in their third or higher year of a UG degree, according to the eligibility criteria. Engineering and science majors with a bachelor's degree are also eligible to apply.
Nationality is not limited in any way. Students from all countries are entitled to sit for the GATE exam. Furthermore, there are zero upper age limits for completing the GATE CS exam.

Scope after doing GATE Computer Science

Recruitment through the GATE exam is done based on GATE scores and once a candidate is selected, the GATE exam score is valid for two years. Many colleges grant enrollment based on GATE scores, and many organizations accomplish their recruitment processes by evaluating GATE selecting candidates.

So, let's look at all of the opportunities for a GATE scorer candidate after clearing the GSTE CS exam

Opportunity to study abroad

The first scope after GATE in Computer Science Every one of us wishes to have the best educational opportunities possible, including the opportunity to study in international colleges and universities, and as a result, many people invest a significant amount of money to pursue this goal.

Fortunately, the GATE CS exam, which is held in our country, provides a fantastic opportunity for computer science students to study abroad. To do so, students simply need to work hard and achieve a good GATE score in the GATE CS exam, after which they will be able to apply to some of the best universities in the world.

GATE qualified computer science selecting candidates can undertake post-graduate at institutions including the Nan yang Technological University, Singapore, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Technical University of Germany, Germany, and RWTH Achen, Germany.

Entry to IITs and NITs

The second scope after GATE in Computer Science is, students who achieve the GATE CS exam are welcomed not only to international universities but also to our country's IITs and NITs. IITs and NITs are among the best colleges in the country, and they are always willing to accept students who succeed in the GATE exam with flying colors.

Passing the GATE CS exam and crossing the appropriate university's cut-off for post-graduate and doctoral programmers, GATE selecting candidates have an interview for final admission to the IITs, and NITs.

Once a candidate clears the GATE CS exam, they can enroll for M.E. or M.Tech programs at IITs immediately. Furthermore, if they have a good GATE score, they will be paid a monthly bursary for the 2 years of their postgraduate degree. After finishing their master's degree, they will be hired by their ideal job. Once you do well and top in IITs, you might be able to work for a product-based company.

Get a job at Public Sector Undertakings

Since multiple PSUs agreed to sign a memorandum of MOU to IITs for hiring via GATE scores, this exam gathered a lot of traction As a result, passing GATE will enable individuals to gain immediate jobs in government offices also. This is also a scope after doing GATE in Computer Science.

According to Gate at Zeal's research, PSU recruitment is among the main significant purposes that graduates pursue the GATE exam. A large percentage of graduates hope to be selected for the recruitment process by various Public Sector Undertakings.
An applicant must have a good GATE score that is valid for two years to be considered for a position at PSU. After receiving these high marks, an applicant is invited to participate in a Group Discussion (GD) and a Personal Interview (PI). The ranking provided to the CS GATE value varies around 75percent and 85percent.

The following are some of the PSUs which hire via GATE:-

The primary factors for having to work in a Public Sector Undertakings include the better salary package (over 50 lakh per annum), social status, and the opportunity to learn new skills. Additional, advantages like subsidies on fuel or electricity are accessible. University study such as an MBA is subsidized.

Junior research fellowship in CSIR laboratories

The fourth scope after GATE in Computer Science is a junior research fellowship in CSIR laboratories. Candidates who clear the GATE exam are eligible for Junior Research Fellowships. The GATE score is used by CSIR Laboratories to test students for Junior Research Fellowships.

And they are granted a Junior Research Fellowship include a rs 25000 monthly fellowship stipend, as well as HRS and a rs 20,000 contingency grant stipend per year.

Other than this on clearing the GATE CS exam and achieving a two-year Junior Research Fellowship, the GATE selection candidate is often granted the Senior Research Fellowship, which is also provided by CSIR laboratories. As a fellowship amount, a senior research fellowship purchaser earns Rs 28000 per month as a bursary.

Job at State Electricity Boards

This is the fifth scope after GATE in Computer Science. Previously, various state electricity boards held their examinations, however presently most of these collaborate with IITs for appointing the candidates via the GATE exam. West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDC), Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL), and Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited are among the government bodies hire by GATE.

Be a researcher

Each year, the Bhabha Atomic Research Center requires graduates to enroll in one of two training programs, following that they are employed as Scientific Officer "C" within one of the DAE units or the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. Applications are welcomed from engineering graduates in several fields, such as Computer Science.

CS GATE students may indeed serve as professors at certain academic institutions by completing the GATE CS exam. Individuals will indeed educate at a respectable college or university or enter a GATE exam preparation coaching institute. GATE exams assist you in obtaining a fantastic teaching position as well.

We hope that this above information will work for you and will also inspire you to clear the GATE CS exam, such motivation that you can clear the GATE CS exam by getting good scores and achieve the above-mentioned opportunities and make your life enjoyable.

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