Climate Change - an imposing crisis.

Climate change is the most imposing and urgent threat to our present world, contrary to the popular belief this is not a consequence we will face in the future, rather it what is happening right now. The wheels are turning and they are turning fast. What is imperative right now, is to realize the magnitude of these crises and take immediate large scale action.

What is climate change?

The change in global climate over a very long period of time(millions of years) and its adverse effects on the current geological conditions of the earth is regarded as climate change. This is profoundly affected by human-induced warming and carbon emissions.

Some effects of climate change

1) Melting glaciers - The glaciers are melting at a record speed, West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets have been exhausting. Gangotri glacier is melting at a heightened speed after 1971, sea levels are rising with every passing day, rivers are overflowing leading to floods.

2) Rapid temperature rise - Global warming is not a new term for us, years of listening and talking about the increasing temperature of the planet have made us oblivious, most of us see this as just a topic of discussion or a science lesson. But this is not something to be taken for granted, every day we are spending without taking action heat waves are intensifying, droughts are devastating ecosystems pushing societies to the situation of famine.

3) Oceans are turning into acid - The ph level of ocean water is plummeting at an astounding rate. The principal reason for this is the elevated carbon emissions in the atmosphere, the carbon particles in the air are absorbed by the oceans. Hence, disrupting its ph levels and turning the water into acid, causing harm to marine life.

The course of action.

The plight of climate change has moved past the stage of taking only personal actions, large-scale applications are required to restore the damage already been caused and to stop it from escalating any further. However, alert individual efforts towards climate change prevention can assist in resolving this crisis to some extent.

here we list some routine adjustments you can make in order to commit to combating climate change.

1) Energy management - saving energy by switching off home appliances when not in use, shifting to more energy efficient choices like LED lights and adopting non-conventional sources of energy such as solar, wind power.

2) prevent pollution- avoid using plastic and other non- biodegradable elements. live by the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra. dodge using personal transportation for short distances.

3) Go organic-  organic food is not only healthy for you and your family, but it is also beneficial for the agricultural lands as organic farming results in reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  It also eases in soil erosion and facilitates water conservation.

these are some of the many ways in which we can contribute to saving our planet and making it a better place for us, climate change is a drawing catastrophe upon us and it is now up to us to stop it, from destroying our world as we know it, which is only possible we take united and prompt action.