How notes of Gate@Zeal help in Placement Preparation?

Dear students, Gate@Zeal is India's leading institute for the preparation of GATE CS IT. We are glad to inform that many of our students from IIT Guwahati, IISC Bangalore, IIT Mumbai and IIT Hyderabad are selected in MNCs with great packages. I always feel love and concern for all of those thousands of students who have studied at Gate@Zeal and have made their career bright and marvelous.

Recently we have interviewed our students from IIT Guwahati who have got placed in multinational companies like Microsoft, Tata, BA Air, Amago, Samsung, Intel, etc. All of our students have mentioned in their interview that the notes prepared by them during my classes and all the notes provided by the Institute help those students in preparing for their placement interview and written test.

Our notes help in

     Query Solving


     Mock Tests

     Interview Preparation

     Placement Assistance

     Strategy Formation

With the help of our notes, the students get complete subject knowledge and the best quality questions that can be asked during interviews in various multinational companies. Our theories and examples explained during the classes help in the written exam. With the help of these notes students get the encouragement and knowledge to face any questions asked in the placement interview.

Many of our students quoted that the notes taken or given during the classes plays a huge role in their success. One of our students has told during his interview that Gate@Zeal is the place where the teachers teach in such a way that the students will be able to find a solution rather than knowing the solution and build up a great foundation for any student. We explain everything related to basic to advanced coding problems to give the students essential information for becoming a great software engineer and all the knowledge required to crack any exam or interview.

Notes not only help the students to get placed in big brands but also help them to get their dream job in the top notch companies. These notes help the beginners to learn the concepts of data structure and algorithms in depth. Also, the learning curve was made easy by the way the team explains all the doubts with patience whenever required.

Students have highly recommended the notes prepared by Gate@Zeal to their friends as well. They said that the interview preparation becomes easier and interesting with the fantastic & passionate teachers at Zeal and notes provided by them.

One of our students mentioned, during our live session that the notes of other Institutions are bulky so students were not able to recall and revise them properly. The notes provided by Gate@Zeal are time-saving, point-to-point and help in group discussion.

Our student, from IIT Guwahati said that 50 to 70% questions asked in the interview are from Gate@Zeal's notes. These notes are very much helpful in preparing for the subjects like OS, CS, & DBMS.

Our students feel proud to share that the notes and the content taught by Jayashree madam is only sufficient for them. Whether it is MCQs or theory part, all the sections of the placement procedure can be well prepared with the help of Zeal's notes. These notes are days on industry-leading curriculum in easy to understand with examples.