Most important Topics in Computer Science for GATE Exam, Subject Wise.

Welcome friends, as we all know, the GATE 2021 results have already been announced, and several applicants have met their goals and others have begun preparing for the next year's GATE. And we are the ones who want to facilitate those who are preparing for the CS GATE, so today we are going to tell you about some most important topics in the Computer Science for the GATE exam with the help of this blog, which will help you in your preparation. 

So let's start exploring the important topics of the GATE CS syllabus. We will cover every important topic subject vise. 

General Aptitude –    

This is among the highly important topics in computer science for Gate, and it is asked for fifteen marks in every year's GATE examination. These fifteen numbers are distributed as 5 questions each carrying 1 mark and 5 questions carrying 2 marks. 

In the GATE computer science examination, the General Aptitude section consists of two parts: Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability.

In Verbal ability, we must study sentence completion, English grammar, verbal analogies, commands, word groups, verbal deduction, and critical reasoning, according to the GATE CS syllabus.

Besides, numerical estimation, numerical calculation, data interpretation, and numerical reasoning must all be covered in Numerical ability.  

For this topic of GATE CS, you can go over the last ten years' previous year questions; this will give you an idea of the types of questions that may appear in the GATE CS examination.

Engineering mathematics – 

Engineering mathematics is a basic subject for GATE paper and the following are some of the important topics from the GATE CS syllabus are –

  • Linear Algebra: LU decomposition, Matrices, systems of linear equations, determinants, and eigenvectors.
  • Probability: Bayes theorem, Random variables, Uniform, normal, exponential, Poisson and binomial distributions, and standard deviation, Conditional probability and Mean median, mode.
  • Calculus: Differentiability, limits, and continuity, Integration,

           Maxima and minima, Mean value theorem. 

  • Discrete Mathematics:
  1. Combinatory: generating functions, counting, recurrence relations.
  2. First-order logic and Propositional.
  3. Groups, sets, lattices, functions, partial orders, and relations. 
  4. Graphs: coloring, matching, connectivity.

The only way to prepare for this subject is to practice previous year's questions; this is an important topic for GATE computer science because you can get full marks in this subject.

Operating systems –

This is the subject by which we can score the maximum number in the GATE CS examination. Important topics in operating system subject for the computer science GATE exam are – 

  • 1. Memory management and virtual memory
  • 2. Concurrency and synchronization and Deadlock
  • 3. CPU scheduling
  • 4. Scheduling Algorithms
  • 5. Semaphores
  • 6. Paging and Page replacement algorithms
  • 7. Processes, threads, interposes communication
  • 8. File systems

Out of this entire topic, paging and page replacement algorithms receive the maximum weightage. It's indeed necessary to have a better understanding that may be properly described when every subject is approached concept vise.

Digital Logic –

Combinational Circuits, Minimization, and Counters are the most important topics in Digital Logic. The topic of Combinational Circuits receives the maximum weightage for the GATE examination.

The topics Sequential Circuits may generate questions at any stage.

The subjects – fixed and floating-point registers, number system, – should yield simple questions.

DBS- Database Management Systems – 

As the topics through this subject are simplistic, they could be score quickly relative to the other subjects with a little practice and comprehension.

Important topics for GATE computer science are- 

  • 1. ER model
  • 2. Integrity constraints, normal forms
  • 3. File organization, indexing 
  • 4. Relational model 
  • 5. Relational algebra 
  • 6. SQL
  • 7. Tuple Queries
  • 8. Transactions and concurrency control

The subject of Relational Algebra and Tuple Queries is offered the maximum weightage.

Compiler Design –

Important topics for GATE CS examination in Compiler Design subject are- 

  • 1. Lexical analysis 
  • 2. Syntax Directed Translation (SDT)
  • 3. Runtime environments
  • 4. Parsing
  • 5. Intermediate code generation.

LL (1) and LR Parsers are the most interesting subjects in Compiler Design for the GATE CS examination.

The subject of parsing receives the maximum weightage.

The topic Run Time Environments should generate questions at all ranges.

The subjects Lexical Analysis, Intermediate Code Generation, Syntax Analysis, and SDTs are likely to generate simple questions.

Theory of Computation – 

The quickest & easiest option to succeed throughout this subject is to resolve as many questions as possible. Solving previous year's questions is essential for understanding the standard and order of data posed in the GATE CS examination.

The most important topics for the GATE computer science exam in this subject are – 

  • 1. DFA
  • 2. Regular Expressions 
  • 3. Closure Properties  
  • The subject of Regular Languages and Undesirability gets the maximum weightage. The topic of undesirability will generate most questions.
  • The subjects CFL, DCFL, Formal Grammars, and CNF are likely to generate simple questions.

DS – Data Structure – 

This subject is the most logical subject under the GATE CS syllabus, and the most important topics for GATE computer science are – 

  • 1. Trees
  • 2. Binary search trees 
  • 3. Binary heaps 
  • 4. Graphs
  • 5. Arrays 
  • 6. Stacks 
  • 7. Queues 
  • 8. Linked lists

Each of these topics is extremely relevant, and they include a large number of algorithms and their characteristics, which can be understood to achieve good grades in this subject.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms –

Important topics for the GATE CS exam are –

  • 1. Asymptotic worst-case time and space complexity 
  • 2. Algorithm design techniques - conquer, dynamic programming and divide, and greedy.
  • 3. Shortest paths, graph search, minimum spanning trees
  • 4. Hashing, searching, sorting

Computer Architecture and Organization –

According to the GATE CS syllabus, the most important topics for the GATE CS examination are – 

  • 1. I/O interface (interrupt and DMA mode)
  • 2. ALU, data? Path and control unit
  • 3. Machine instructions and addressing modes
  • 4. Instruction pipelining
  • 5. Memory hierarchy

Just one option to get good grades in this subject is to grasp the fundamental principles rather than memories of the formulae.

Formulae are only useful if you understand the fundamental concepts; therefore, people will not be allowed to analyze the information provided in the paper.

Computer Network –

GATE CSE syllabus has the following important topics for the GATE Computer science examination –

  • 1. Application layer protocols – HTTP, DNS, POP, SMTP, FTP
  • 2. IPv4/IPv6, routers and routing algorithms
  • 3. Concept of layering
  • 4. Congestion control
  • 5. Congestion control, TCP/UDP, and sockets
  • 6. Switching, Flow, and error control techniques 
  • 7. LAN technologies

This subject has a huge syllabus, which makes it a very difficult subject in the GATE CS syllabus. The topic of IP addressing and TCP is offered the maximum weightage.

Aside from that, all subjects such as C programming and IP addresses are considered important topics for the GATE CS exam.

We hope that the summary of important topics in computer science for the GATE examination provided above will help you to resolve your GATE CS syllabus problem. And if you want to learn more about the GATE CS syllabus, go to

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