Toppers talk with Hariom Choudhary AIR 4

“Time is never short if your zeal is long.”

About GATE Exam

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an India examination conducted jointly by Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) at Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee on behalf of National Coordination Board (NCB)-GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India. GATE examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT).

GATE is basically an examination on the comprehensive understanding of the candidates in various undergraduate subjects in Engineering / Technology / Architecture and post-graduate level subjects in Arts, Commerce and Science.GATE 2021 will be conducted for 27 Subjects.

Organizer Institute for GATE 2021 is IIT Bombay.


Many public sector undertakings such as BHEL, IOC, NTPC, BARC (there are PSUs totaling 217 in number) are using the GATE score for selecting candidates for their organizations. Students who get qualified in the GATE exam are entitled to a stipend of Rs 8,000 per month during their M.Tech courses. The better honorarium is being offered for students of M.Tech/M.E as compared to those pursuing B.Tech /B.E. Higher the rank in GATE, the higher will be your job quality.

After clearing GATE you will be eligible for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories.The GATE score is valid for two years and the students who qualify this test are eligible for doing Master’s degree at NUS, (National University of Singapore), Singapore.

Is this right time to prepare for gate

The competitive exams like GATE demands hard work, perseverance, and dedication along with time. There is never be late to prepare for examination but you can give your best if you start now onwards for GATE 2021. If you have prior knowledge of some of the subjects then give special focus on those subjects which are tough for you and skip those subjects for last in which you are good enough.

Preparation strategy for GATE exam by Hariom Choudhary

ü  Dedicate yourself completely. Your dedication must be on one side if you will try to handle multiple aims and targets at the same time there is much probability of being a failure.

ü  Must focus on accuracy rather than on attending a large number of questions.

ü  Never misread the question, better understanding gives better results.

ü  Avoid silly mistakes to prevent negative marking.

ü  Read all the options sincerely, never in a hurry. First, try to eliminate the wrong options.

ü  Solve the questions in the given order to make a flow and better confidence building

ü  Follow the zeal notes for all the subjects to save your time and unnecessary hard work.

ü  Be smart and prudent, don’t spend all your time focusing on a particular subject.

ü  All the subjects are equally important, give equal time for all.

ü  Special emphasis should be laid upon those topics in which you are weak.

ü  Focus on understanding the concepts to avoid confusion in the examination.

ü  Daily practice for mathematics through previous year questions as it’s a scoring subject

ü  There is no compulsion of following standard books for all subjects, if you have standard notes are precise and well defined. You can opt for some standard book for some specific subject in which you are weak.

ü  Be consistent in solving test module for effective revision

ü  Site for practice question – zeal module is enough for practice with doubt clearing sessions.

ü  First take tests topic wise to analyze your weak points and concepts then switch to complete test series.

ü  You will find the complete module at Gate overflow pdf

ü  Don’t get demotivated by the marks in mock test series, take it easy.

ü  Keep yourself enthusiastic by doing the activities of your hobby otherwise monotony will make you annoying

ü  Failures are the best teacher and motivator

Why to choose Zeal

GATE at zeal, coaching provides enough support and guidance to the students along with their expertly designed notes and study material which is enough for the preparation.  Jayshree Gupta Ma’am always available for doubt clearing and her teaching skills and notes are best and experienced, strategically designed. Zeal has always been known for its best structured classes and large number of selections.

How to get a good rank in the GATE exam

ü  Time management is a key factor, it also ensures not to be silly mistaken in a hurry.

ü  Skip difficult questions for last as it demoralizes you and affect the whole of your exam.

ü  Read the questions calmly and solve step by step with proper time management.

ü  Revise your actual notes don’t make short notes again and again.

ü  Try to find the gist of difficult concepts then only u can solve the typical questions and break the question into parts.

ü  Everyday revision is a must for long term memorization.

ü  Daily analysis of study before going to bed and prepare a plan for the next day in advance to save time and avoid distraction.

ü  You could be selected in IIT if you rank under AIR 100 in GATE exams.

ü  Revise only those topics or books which have studied previously don’t waste time in reading new books, it may confuse you.

ü  If you are able to solve previous year questions with accuracy then u can say that u have good command and grip on that particular subject.

ü  It doesn’t matter what your background is, the only thing that matters is your dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

written by Manvi Jain